New ASMR Channel? – Holly ASMR

Holly ASMR has made a new ASMR channel as a kind of reset.

Original Youtube Description:

This video is from my new ASMR channel that I made today. I still don’t know what to do, so I’ll be uploading to both channels. If you are here for my ASMR videos then stay on this and subscribe to my new one too. I want to keep things fresh and come away from having inactive or irrelevant subscribers who don’t want my ASMR. I hope you can understand. If you love my ASMR then you’ll be part of both… I will make a final decision over the next month on whats best, but for now I like the idea of having a fresh new channel. (I will not be deleting this channel or any videos from it, I will continue to post to it until I make a decision on whether my new one is a good idea)

I know it seems a shame to throw away all of my subscribers, but honestly I care more about quality than quantity. I want subscribers who enjoy my ASMR videos, and watch them not people who are inactive or aren’t interested anymore… this is the only way I can see who really enjoys my ASMR content I guess and clear things up?

New Channel:


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