ASMR Veronica Lodge Does Your Makeup – Lily Whispers ASMR

A rather interesting makeup roleplay from Lily Whispers ASMR. Includes triggers like personal attention, whispering, brush sounds, and more.

“RIVERDALE is an American teen drama television series based on the characters by Archie Comics. Veronica Lodge is A beautiful, sophisticated, confident, silver-tongued high school sophomore and former socialite. Veronica is the “new girl” in town and is eager for a fresh new start. Veronica sees the move to Riverdale from New York as an opportunity to reinvent herself while making amends to redeem herself from the rich spoiled girl she once was. Humbled from her old ways in the past and from an embezzlement scandal involving her father, she and her mother have lost most of their status and wealth” – Riverdale (2017 TV Series Wikipedia)

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